Bon Appetite Since 1792.

Koivumäki Manor will serve you the best local food from our area. You can also enjoy beautyand old style of the manor in countryside of Kuopio Finland Lakeland.

Koivumäki has been daily meeting point and place to have good celebrations from years ago starting of Businessman Gustav Emmanuel Ranin. Our mission is serve the best tasting lunchin unique manor.

We have a passion, professionalism and the best service, we listening tone of heart, bind to tradition.

Manor is opening at summertime and before the christmas and all year around for groups by appointment. Table rervervation needed everyday. Low season group size weekdays 6 person and weekends 10 to 20 person.



Come and enjoy traditional Finnish meals and atmosphere at Koivumäki Manor. You canhave brunches, lunches, dinners and à la carte menus for a smaller and larger group.

Table reservation needed.

SPRING closed until 31th of May.


Mon 1.6. Wild herbs form nature to plate at 5:30pm

Wed 10.6. Local tasting at 5pm

Thu - Fri 11.-12.6. Feeling Good Days from10am to 4 pm

Sun 14.6. Sundaylunch and country marketin manor garden from 11am to 2 pm. Free entry.

Mon - Fri 15.6-7.8. Summer lunch from 11am to 2pm, coffee shop from 10am to 4 pm.

Sun 28.6 Local foodtable at 12pm

Wed 15.7 Local tasting at 5pm

Sun 19.7 Local food table at 12pm

Sun 9.8 Local food table at 12pm

Wed 26.8 Local tasting at 5pm


Sun 6.9. Second-hand market from 10am to 2pm. Lunc and coffee. Free entry.

Sun13.9Local food tableat 12pm

Wed 16.9. Local tasting at 5pm

Sun 27.9 Brunch at 10:30am

Sun 25.10. Brunch at 10:30am

Su 8.11. Father'sDay lunch at 11am

Sun 22.11. Brunch at 10:30am


Mon-Fri23.11.-22.12 Christmas lunch from 11am to 2pm

Thu- Fri 26.-27.11 Feeling good days from 10 am to 4pm

Fri 18.12 Christmas Jazz and dinner at 6pm
Table reservation only.

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Phone: +358 17 3614 291