A Distillery Tour and Dinner at the Merchant's Manor

A visit to one of Finland's oldest family businesses, the Lignell & Piispanen distillery in Kuopio. On this distillery tour, you'll hear how berry liqueur and other high-quality Finnish alcoholic drinks are made. At the same time, you can learn about the history of Kuopio's oldest commercial house.

The story continues with a seasonal three-course dinner at Koivumäki Manor.

Duration:The tour takes about 45 min, transfer to the manor about 30 min and dinner about 2½ hours.

Location and starting point:Distillery tour: Gust. Ranin / Lignell & Piispanen, Siikaranta 20, 70620 Kuopio. Dinner: Koivumäki Manor, Koivumäenkuja 18, 70800 Kuopio.

Group size:10-50 people.

Availability:Group bookings available all year round: on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Not on public holidays.

Guide languages:Finnish, English

Price:€99/person incl. VAT.

What the product comprises:Guided tour of the distillery and a small sample. Bus transport to Koivumäki Manor. Three-course dinner prepared from seasonal local ingredients at Koivumäki Manor, incl. drinks (aperitif, 2x12cl of wine and dessert wine/pair) and table service.

For an extra charge:You can buy drinks from the distillery shop to take with you. Bus transport to the distillery and/or back to the city centre. Additional drinks with dinner. Themed evenings, e.g. Crayfish Party, Venetian Evening, Prohibition, Speakeasy, Christmas of Old.

Where you can book:Koivumäen Kartano Oy, tel. +358-17-3614291,www.koivumaenkartano.com orkartano@koivumaenkartano.com