Bon Appetite since 1792.

Since 1792 In Koivumäki farm people has been lived part of Finnish nature and culture, by seasons, enjoying of fresh food, beautiful atmosphere, peace, collected power of daily life.

When Gustav Ranin was admitted to a farm in 1869, the manor was known as a mansion for business meetings and for celebration. In a manor feast guests danced, tables were full of food in garden with a grandmother playing the gramophone in the midsummer night.

On that glamor reminiscent of Aili auntie grand piano standing in the corner of the main hall in the main building which is built in 1907. From time to time, on slowly dinner, when the freedom fills the mind, one of our guests will play a song or a couple. Just because the heart was saying.

We protect the sound of heart in Koivumäki. It is present of welcoming guest, serving of dinner, cooking tasty local food. It is present of looking at the horizons over the fields, as life becomes an experience.

Enjoy a long lunch, a cup of our best coffee or a relaxing evening with your loved ones. In the Koivumäki manor, food and peace are encountered.

Koivumäen Kartano

Lunch or Dinner

Opening during the year for group by an appointment and special day example first of May, Mother’s Day, Summer Lunch, Father’s Day and Christmas Lunch.

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Koivumäen Kartano

Visit Kuopio

In Kuopio, we have many beautiful places all over. This Koivumäki Manor is the most romantic place for meetings and celebrations. It has been in same Ranin's family since 1869. 
Read more about traveling in Kuopio. 

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